The Goal

While working as the art director for fabtech, we took on the challenge of modernizing a well-established brand without alienating it’s base supporters. This new look and philosophy applied across the board, from the website to product marketing.

We created a color pallet that blended the traditions of the company with the future.

We focused on navigating the massive product line, and creating the best user experience possible.

Beautiful product photography is a easy way to stand out from the competition.

Product action photography is a great way to build a brand lifestyle

When it comes to events, catalogs are a great way to leave a lasting impression with customers.

We created bold magazine ads to highlight the quality of their products.

A series of web ads were run across numerous digital magazine websites.

When you make attention-getting products, you had better market it that way. These vehicle wraps were designed to be striking and put the brand front and center.