Like any new relationship the first impression is always the most important. Your marketing materials are just that, your first impression with potential customers. What does your graphic design say about your company? Whether we’re talking about brochures, business cards or websites, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects. You may provide the best products and customer service, but if your image doesn’t convey that, you may never have the opportunity to prove it.

“Design without content and purpose is not design… it’s decoration.”

We are committed to providing you with the design solutions necessary to increase your public image and grow your business.


At Red Elephant building trust, making connections and delivering a unique experience is the essence of what’s behind the motivation and direction of our creative solutions. Great design is far more than a logo, a website, or a brochure. It’s more than color use, a style of photography or a font. These are simply the visual expression and manifestations of a greater insight and strategy developed from an organization’s core attributes and beliefs.

A brand’s success is directly effected by the unique relationship the audience has with your products, services and organization. This unique relationship is crucial to their loyalty. Simply put people make choices based upon differences, not similarities. In a competitive environment, it is crucial to capitalize on your brand’s unique attributes. A strong strategy and visual execution of your corporate identity, collateral pieces, and website all work together to create a solid brand experience that builds trust, loyalty and lifelong customers.


Our creative philosophy doesn’t revolve around us – it revolves around the specific needs of your business. Each project begins with spending time researching and analyzing your goals, as well as the needs and expectations of your target audience. Our initial ideas turn into concepts. Throughout the brainstorming process, we look beyond the obvious and work closely with clients to ensure the final concept is aligned with the goals and expectations outlined in the planning and strategy phase. At Red Elephant we stay informed of the latest industry and technology trends, this allows us to keep your image fresh, as well as spot opportunities that your competition may have overlooked. It’s our commitment to this process that allows us to provide the affective solutions your business needs.


At our initial meeting, we gather as much information about your project as we can. We discuss your vision, expectations, and what goals you want the project to accomplish.


During our planning phase, we will analyze all the information we gathered from you, and develop a strategy to effectively complete your project.


This is where the real fun starts. In this phase the creativity really comes alive. As we work through the design process, honing and refining your project, until we arrive at the final solution.


Once the design work is done, we prepare your project for delivery. Whether it’s sending files to a printer, or launching a website, you can be sure we will see your project through to the end.