Project Description


Redlands Shooting Park is a well know facility among the trap and skeet shooting communities. Their business had seen some growth, but wasn’t expanding as much as they would have liked. Traditionally, trap and skeet shooting communities are made up of an older demographic, but that is starting to change. Seeing this shift, Redlands Shooting Park wanted to tap into this younger generation of sport shooters, and that’s when they came to Red Elephant Design.

With virtually no online presence our goal was simple, create a dynamic website that not only represents what Redlands Shooting Park is all about, but provides a wealth of information for people new to the shooting sports. We wanted the site to meet the needs of all levels of customers. For the first time customers it is easy, provide them with all the information about the facilities, and the different types of shooting sports offered. Now for the “lifetime” customer, what can you offer them so they keep returning to the website. This was a bit of a challenge considering their typical “lifetime” customers where not very computer savvy. That’s why we decided to include an events schedule, and a blog for posting tournament results. This proved to be a valuable asset, it was a great way to get return traffic to the site, and showcase all the events they have to offer.